Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chennai Sangamam

 The chennai sangamam 2009 proved to be a great success not just for the organizers and the people participating in it but also for photographers like me. There was a whole bunch of opportunities for people photography in the parks where these events were being organized and I came back with some images that I was very pleased with. My Canon 50mm lens provided very handy in these low light conditions and the only thing that I regretted is about attending just 2 days of the celebration. I have decided to make much more use of the chance presented in Chennai Sangamam from the next year onwards.

Many of these shots would have found its way into my flickr account if not for my decision to post only nature photographs in my stream going forward. There will be people in my shot but they would be there to add value to the shot & not as the main subject. This left me with the option of posting those candid shots (which I click occasionaly) in my blog here.

These are unedited shots(except for resizing).

Click #1: A kid enjoying the show (He is sitting on the shoulders of a person!)
Click #2: A family enthralled by Kadri Gopalnath wield his saxophone like a magical wand

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