Thursday, February 23, 2012


The wonderfully beautiful world of insects and bugs..... Never expected the small world of insects would be so interesting! There are so many varieties of insects and each one of them have their own unique way of survival. The more I observe these wonderful creatures, the more fascinated I become by these mini-beauties :-)

Here is a collection of macro shots that I shot in the last 6 months. It would be great if someone could identify the names of these insects.

The first two shots are from the Theosophical society and the third one is from my trip to Coimbatore. For those who are interested in the gear and settings used, these were shot using a macro lens adapter called Raynox DCR-250. When mounted along with a zoom lens (I used a 75-300mm lens), this adapter gives some amazing magnification. The only flip side to this adapter is that you need to resort to complete manual focus and the shooting distance should be less than 10cm. Move a bit close or a bit far, the insects would no more be in focus. Getting this close to an insect almost always scares them away and hence a lot of patience is needed while using this combination.

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  1. Dear Nagesh, good to see you , nice photographs well executed.. good in colors..!! as you said one should be patience to click some qualty pics..!!!