Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chennai Sangamam -- Part II

Lightroom is one cool Adobe tool and I am really happy that I started using it now. I would not call it as being as powerful as Photoshop but it is nevertheless a very handy tool and the tones that you get out of this software is just amazing. Also, it does not appear as intimidating as Photoshop & hence any user can learn the ropes very easily. One of the other things that I found to be super cool with Lightroom is the ability to use the 'Presets' feature. There are some 15 presets that come packed with the software and then there are a whole lot of presets that have been developed by people around the world that can be downloaded and used. Even though these presets may not a perfect fit for the photo you have, they will surely be a good starting point from where you can start tweaking around to get the tones you have in mind. Given below are a couple of photos that I took in Chennai Sangamam processed using Lightroom.


  1. Stumbled across your Flickr page.
    You have "that" eye for photography. Added you as my contact!


  2. Brwosed through a few of your photographs. They are amazing!
    From where do you get your inspiration? :)