Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smoke Photography

I always had this desire to try out 'Smoke Photography' and I also had a clear idea inside my head on how the photo should come out. The smoke photography in my mind had an old man with a white beard smoking a cigarette as black & white composition. I got lucky when I went to my wife's office to shoot some pictures. Here was an old man working on something and when he took a break, he took it the way I had envisaged it. A couple of clicks and only this one came close to my 'vision'. I will sure keep trying till I get the right image, though.

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried smoke photographs at night and made some pp to get awesome shapes and effects?!

    Light up a coloured candle

    Have some reflectors on the sides (could be mirrors or a some willing assistant with another camera that just gives a flash when you say 'NOW')

    Let the helper blow the candle and you take a snap which frames the portion just above the wick and has smoke (Dont forget to tell the helper click his / her camera to get the flash that would help your camera take a good picture)

    You cannot control the shape of smoke obviously, but with some PP done, it would look awesome.

    Note: I dont have a SLR. Suggestions are based on Point and Shoot experience :)